Picture Book Revision: Note to Myself (and Anyone Else Who Wants to Listen)

Today’s Friday Five is a set of reminders to myself about revising this #$@($*@ a picture book. 1. Don’t push too far into the story until you’ve gotten deep into character. Okay, go ahead, push into that story, but you’re still going to have to go back & figure out those people. 2. Your hero […]

Guest Bloggers: Mary Hershey & Robin LaFevers from SVP

Shrinking Violet Promotions is one of my favorite blogs. I discovered it soon after I started blogging, and I’ve been a regular reader since. Mary & Robin are encouraging, enthusiastic, and seriously GET how tough it can be for writers to get out there and market themselves and their books. So, obviously, I was very happy […]

SCBWI Conference Scholarship

One more pointer–this one for kids’ writers–to another blog, and then I’ll be back next week with a writing book review. This announcement of incredible generosity comes from the Shrinking Violet Promotions blog: fAiRy gOdSisTeRs, iNk announces its 2nd Annual SCBWI Summer Conference Scholarship! FGI is offering a $1500 scholarship for a SCBWI member to attend the […]