Friday Five: Thoughts on My Twitterless September

So way back at the start of the month, I decided to try an experiment–to go all September without using Twitter. And, look, here we are at the end of that same month. I have to say, it was a lot easier than I expected.  I’m not sure if that should make me proud of […]

Does Social Networking Sell Books: One Tally Mark for the YES Column

One of the big discussion topics around the net is whether or not social-networking actually sells books. For me, knowing that I’ve had discussions with writers, on Facebook & Twitter or blogs, who have then gone out and bought my book, the answer is a no-brainer…yes. The corollary question–perhaps the one that publishers care more […]

Back to Goodreads: Unclogging a Piece of Social Networking

I hear myself saying this a lot to people–if social networking isn’t fun for you, don’t do it. And I’m serious about that–I have fun here on my blog, fun on other people’s blogs, fun on Facebook and fun on Twitter. And, yes, if you add them up in some fancy mathematical equation, it’s way […]

How I Use Facebook and Twitter…Differently

I’m sure this isn’t news to anybody, but I social-network. (Do you like the way I just turned that into a verb?!) I read blogs, post my own, play on Facebook & Twitter. I justify that I’m doing this because it’s good marketing for my book and a good way to keep up with what’s […]

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Etc…a Semi-Often Assessment

I’ve been blogging for several years now. I’ve been on Facebook over a year, I’m sure, and Twitter not quite so long. Every now and then, I stop and just look at what’s going on out there, at the conversations I’m taking part in, at the people I’ve met. And I’m pretty much amazed. I’ve […]

Our Time Online: Where Do You Think We’re Headed?

Okay, guys, I know I’m spending a lot of time on this lately, but I had an in-person conversation today with some other writers, and the questions we raised are churning away. And I’d really like to hear what you all think. Basically, we started out talking about Facebook fan pages. Which I have not […]

Twitter Update: My Latest Thoughts

Okay, raise your hand if you knew, when you read this post, that I’d say this: Twitter is growing on me. And, no, not like mold.  🙂 Honestly, it’s still not my favorite social networking place. My brain chemistry is still happier on Facebook, with the layout of the page and the way you can […]

Online Social Networking Class

Susan Taylor Brown is teaching an online social-networking class the first week of May. I know Susan, and believe me, she knows this stuff. She’s great at helping people work through both their nervousness and the actual tools. And the cost of the class is incredibly cheap. If you’re interested in signing up, there are […]

Facebook and Twitter

Well, I’ve been tweeting for a few weeks now, and on Facebook longer than that, and I thought I’d take a few minutes and do a comparison here–at least from my perspective. Overall, I’d say I like Facebook better. I am TOTALLY open to persuasion from Twitter-folk, (like this post from WriterMomof5) as to why I […]

Guest Bloggers: Mary Hershey & Robin LaFevers from SVP

Shrinking Violet Promotions is one of my favorite blogs. I discovered it soon after I started blogging, and I’ve been a regular reader since. Mary & Robin are encouraging, enthusiastic, and seriously GET how tough it can be for writers to get out there and market themselves and their books. So, obviously, I was very happy […]