SCBWI Conference Scholarship

One more pointer–this one for kids’ writers–to another blog, and then I’ll be back next week with a writing book review.

This announcement of incredible generosity comes from the Shrinking Violet Promotions blog:

fAiRy gOdSisTeRs, iNk announces its 2nd Annual SCBWI Summer Conference Scholarship!

FGI is offering a $1500 scholarship for a SCBWI member to attend the August 2009 conference in Los Angeles. The 2008 scholarship to Linda Lodding of the Netherlands.

To apply for the 2009 scholarship, submit a 250-word, double-spaced essay describing what you hope to accomplish by attending this year’s summer conference. Send your essay to:

The application deadline is April 15th, 2009. The winner will be notified May 15th, 2009.

fAiRy gOdSiStErS, iNk. is a small, benevolent squadron of Santa Barbara children’s book authors who believe in the magic of passing forward lucky breaks, bounty, and beneficence, as so many have done for us. We are: Thalia Chaltas, Mary Hershey, Valerie Hobbs, Robin LaFevers and Lee Wardlaw.

If you would like to share some fairy dust of your own to help send a writer to the 2009 Summer Conference, FGI welcomes your donations!

For more information about the grant and/or making a donation, please visit the FGI website (which will be up and running any day now! We promise!) at

And I checked, is up and running!


  1. Gottawrite Girl says:

    Excellent info, Becky!!! Thanks!!!! Love me some SCBWI events, that’s for sure!


  2. beckylevine says:

    Susan–go for it!


  3. free2cr8 says:

    Hi Becky,

    Great information and FGI’s sponsorship is very generous. I am not a kids’ writer (though a short mystery I co-wrote for hospitalized children has inspired me to consider it in the future). But, I am hoping to attend a writer’s conference in NYC (or some other location) to connect with other writers and attend a workshop (or two).

    Love your posts Becky!

    Keep ’em coming 🙂


  4. beckylevine says:


    Good luck getting to the conference–they’re wonderful. If you’re even considering kids’ writing, you could head over to my other blog– and look at the blogroll there–lots of great kids writers talking about things. 🙂


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