Picture Book Revision: Note to Myself (and Anyone Else Who Wants to Listen)

Today’s Friday Five is a set of reminders to myself about revising this #$@($*@ a picture book.

1. Don’t push too far into the story until you’ve gotten deep into character. Okay, go ahead, push into that story, but you’re still going to have to go back & figure out those people.

2. Your hero has to be active. As active as a five-year-old (or maybe a baby panda) can be.

3. Your hero has to fail. Somehow, even as he repeats his attempts to succeed, he has to fail. You know, probably without a lot of blood or pain.

4. Words come last. I know, you have to put something on the page, or–yeah–you’re not writing a picture book. But do not become too attached to those words. Be prepared to bring out the sharpest, most super-charged chainsaw you’ve got and to use it tearing them up.

5. It’ll be worth it.

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