Friday Five: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Today’s thoughts on the subject: Balanced in family, work, and creativity. Still head over heals in love with all three above. Calm. (Or as calm as it is possible for me to be!) Striving to keep myself healthy and fit. I wouldn’t say no to a line-in-the-sand on the wrinkles. Resisting, at least a bit, […]

Friday Five: Random

1. I’m typing this as the most chocolatey-ever cake is baking in the oven. Seriously, I’m waiting for the crash that I’m sure is coming, after I convinced myself that all that batter wouldn’t fit in the pan and better just be eaten. 2. I just told son he should probably get up soon (almost […]

Friday Five: A Good Week

Tallying up the nice things that happened this week: 1. We had one day of rain. February in Northern California is usually The Month of Rain. And wind. And power outages. And trees falling. This was slightly more than a light drizzle, and then it disappeared. I’m seriously torn between wishing we’d get a good […]

Friday Five: Restart

Yesterday was a catch-up day. My to-do list had gotten pretty long while we were out of commission, so I plugged myself in at my desk and slogged through, checking things off and moving on. Felt good. I have dipped a toe back into my writing & reading, too. Just a bit. And today felt […]

Friday Five: Around the Blogosphere

A quick glance around the blogs to see what other people are saying: Jennifer R. Hubbard with a discussion on Little Women: Jo and Laurie or Jo and Professor Bhaer. Fact: I am now and always have been Team Bhaer. Because I loved the book but am feeling too lazy to write about it, this […]

Friday Five: Out of Town

As you read this, or shortly after, I’ll be on the road (or many roads) on my way to the SCBWI Spring Spirit conference in Rocklin, California. For us non-geography experts, that’s right up in/near Sacramento. To get there, I head out of my mountains, through the heart of Silicon Valley, up into some lovely […]

Friday Five: Notes to Self on a Busy Life

Five things I occasionally need to remind myself about: 1. Everything on your list is something you want to do, or–at the very least–a piece of something you want. 2. You’re the one saying, “Yes.” And you pretty much had a reason for each and every Yes. 3. President Obama has a much bigger to-do […]

Friday Five: Random Info that Might Possibly, Someday, Be Useful

Write what you know. I’ve talked about that concept before, how I really think part of creating a story that we love writing (and others hopefully love reading) is stretching ourselves beyond what we know. Still, all of us have histories and worlds that we’ve lived in that could, possibly, add a layer of something […]

Friday Five: Flexible Critique Groups

True story: I’m in a yoga class years ago. I’m trying the poses, feeling the stretch, even though–at no point when they’re supposed to–do my fingers get anywhere near the floor; at many points when I’m supposed to be standing with balance, I’m tipping over & bumping into the wall. There is a woman a […]

Friday Five: MORE Things I’ll be Researching

Here’s the thing about the research bucket. It’s like Mary Poppins carpetbag–never really empty. I said back here that, in my second draft, I want to be able to weave in a lot of the history I need for the story. So I’ve spent a lot of time the past few months doing the kind […]