Friday Five: Random

1. I’m typing this as the most chocolatey-ever cake is baking in the oven. Seriously, I’m waiting for the crash that I’m sure is coming, after I convinced myself that all that batter wouldn’t fit in the pan and better just be eaten.

2. I just told son he should probably get up soon (almost 11:00), so he could eat and be functional before going to take the test for his…DRIVING PERMIT!!!!!

Me? Old enough to have a son who drives? When did this happen?!

3. Spring has hit. I’m loving the warmth and the sunshine, the wearing of shorts and sandles, the blue skies. I’m not so happy about the pollen, but I’m telling myself the snorkiness of the last few days was a small cold. Denial is a powerful thing.

Scotch broom is pretty much covering our mountains.

4. I’ve made serious progress this past week in thinking out my WIP, thanks to Donald Maass ‘ worksheets and my resurgence of stick-to-itivity. I’m accepting that all the time I spent on character, which felt like rambling nebulousity, is paying off, now that I’m in the plot section. Honestly, I still couldn’t explain how one leads to the other, but I can’t argue with the fact that it’s happening on the page.

5. Oh, and I ordered a new research book, ignoring the half-dozen still on my shelf that I haven’t yet cracked open. I’ve been trying to stay away from research while I work on story, but of course one of my characters decided his story brings in a piece of 1910’ish Chicago that I really haven’t delved into yet (unbelievable as that may seem). Plus, somehow, now that I’m finding the story, I’m feeling the urge to do more research. The whole writing-research thing really does seem to be symbiotic. Or parasitic. Take your choice.


  1. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    Let’s go with symbiotic. It sounds so much better.


  2. there must be something to those Donald Maas worksheets. I just read the chapter I was working on today and one of my fellow retreat/writers described EXACTLY how I had hoped my characters were going to turn out. Chills. Thanks for nudging me in that direction. Well, you didn’t do it for me personally, but I’ll take it anyway.


  3. Dave Swords says:

    So, how’d the cake turn out? πŸ™‚


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