Friday Five: Five Things I’ll Be Doing Over Break

Today is the last day of son’s school for two weeks. Is there happy dancing going on? Oh, you bet. Here are a few things I’ll be doing while he sleeps till noon, probably does a LITTLE homework, and catches up on guitar strumming and web-comic reading. 1. Getting another draft of my picture book […]

Friday Five: Five Things Son is Taking to Camp

This Sunday, we drop my son in San Francisco, where he gets on a bus and heads to…somewhere, for two weeks. He’s heading out into the Sierras (we think) with a friend, whose done this camp before, and 8 other kids…okay, and a couple of adults. (Who I’m sure are going to look really, really […]

Friday Five: Oh…Just Stuff

I’ve passed a few milestones in the last couple of weeks, and there are some new ones coming down the road toward me. Looks like for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be able to immerse myself back into my fiction… but I’ve been having fun with the other stuff, too. The one thing getting […]

Friday Five: SHIVER Contest Winner & Week’s Wrap Up

Is it Friday already? Is it the weekend yet? It’s been a busy week & a productive one, in terms of finishing up a couple of things, getting started on a few more, and at least moving forward on some others. Here’s some of what I did. 1. Forgot (on Wednesday) to pull a winner […]

Friday Five: Spring’s on its Way

I’ve been whining a bit lately about how all the early pollen around here is hitting my allergies hard. It hasn’t been that cold a winter for us, so I’m not in a super rush for the heat. And if you’ve read my blog for a while, or know me, you’ll know I’m not a […]

Randomy Friday Five

1. I’m guest blogging today at Killer Hobbies, filling in for my critique partner who’s off being incredibly creative and productive at a writing retreat. The rest of the Killer Hobbyists have been blogging about the writing craft all week–incredibly detailed information about technique. Stop by and leave a comment on any of the posts, […]

Friday Five: Less Known Christie Detectives

This was a busy week. Lots of running around, lots of company, and lots of fun. All good, but one sign that I was feeling just a bit of overload…I retreated to my Agatha Christie shelf. Comfort reading, remembering who’s guilt on page one, then tracking the puzzle Christie created to see how beautifully she […]