Open Letter to Anyone Writing a Research Book Just for Me

This post is dedicated to my sister Jenny, the history teacher, who is stunned to find me reading history after all these years and who, I fear, grits her teeth and bites back words every time I reject or whine about a book. Love you, Jen! Dear History Writer: I’m back on the research trail, […]

Research Trip…Cars, Cars, Cars!

So Monday’s post was about Bruce Coville’s keynote speech at the Spring Spirit conference, and I still haven’t gotten around to writing up a summary post of the whole conference. Friday, maybe? Anyway, f you haven’t read the Monday post yet, and you’d like to enter my giveaway for a signed copy of Bruce’s The […]

More Research: AKA Resisting the Rush

Last night, I took down books down from my shelf to do a bit more research. I’m starting to move into the less general research stage and focusing on specific details I need to create Caro’s world–her world, within that of 1912 Chicago. Yes, more research. As I looked at TOCs for the information I […]

Friday Five: MORE Things I’ll be Researching

Here’s the thing about the research bucket. It’s like Mary Poppins carpetbag–never really empty. I said back here that, in my second draft, I want to be able to weave in a lot of the history I need for the story. So I’ve spent a lot of time the past few months doing the kind […]

Following a Research Path & Arriving at Story

I’m thinking, not even too optimistically, that I’m going to be ready to start the second draft of my WIP somewhere on or about 1/1/11. Sounds auspicious, right? I feel like I’ve got a handle on most of the characters–on what they want and, a bit, about how that’s going to weave into, conflict with […]

Monday Method: This is My Brain on Research

Thought I’d just give you a (not-too-scary) glimpse into my favorite research technique these days. And not just favorite because it involves a comfy couch and books. Remember, this is the research I’m doing to help figure out my characters, what they want (which means figuring out what is possible, probable, and/or dream-worthy in 1911), […]

Write What You Know? Ahem…

I don’t think so. If I only wrote what I knew, I would never have: Created a 1st-person, 12-year-old boy protagonist Written a scene at a skate-board park that ends in a get-away race to safety Listened to many explanations of DNA-matching and written about it for 7-year-olds (Hi, Lee!) Taken a trip to Chicago […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Somewhere

Here’s what I’ve decided it’s like to write historical fiction. You go along, sort of researching and writing together, at slightly more than a snail’s pace–or so it feels. So you put the researching aside for a while, because you want to just GO for that flow-of-words feeling, even when you know the flow is […]

Fast Friday Five: A Long Time Ago, in a Chicago Far, Far Away

I wasn’t going to post a Friday Five, but I’m reading some fun ones around the blogosphere & feeling JUST a bit left out! So…five fun facts I learned during research and writing this week. Step back with me, if you will, to 1913 Chicago. It’s a cold, windy year, even for that city, so […]

Sometimes We Must Sacrifice for Our Art

And sometimes, we just get to enjoy that sacrifice a whole lot! Here’s what I’ll be doing this week:  I have gotten quite behind in my research reading for my historical YA. “Behind” translates into, “Oh, boy, do I have a lot of books out from the library that can’t be renewed for much longer!”  […]