Getting My Dream Ducks in Order

Getting My Dream Ducks in Order

As good as I am at multi-tasking, my natural, happy mind-state is to think and act in a linear path. One thing at a time, put it down, pick up the next, work on that, repeat. And for many years that has worked for my writing. Until recently, I was never popping with story ideas–I […]

Leveling Up on Craft (Hopefully)

I wrote this post just before the election. And since then it has felt off and unimportant and irrelevant to be sticking it up on the Internet. It felt all of that to even be prioritizing my writing. But as I talked about here, creativity is still important, even if all it does is let us […]

Writing in the Midst of it All

Okay, my thoughts here are going to be nothing new and certainly nothing profound. But I’ve had a block in my writing all week (Anyone else? Yeah, I thought so.), and I’m hoping processing it here a bit will free me up to get back to my story. Which needs to happen. My Facebook feed […]

Balancing Love and Ambition

Last week, Jordan Rosenfeld blogged about getting back to the joy of writing. She posed the question: “What would it be like if you wrote because it made you feel worthy, bigger, and joyful?” This is a very important question, I think. My basic answer was the one I always come back to–the dreams I […]

Thankful Thursday: Ideas

I think I’ve talked here before about how I used to be a one-idea person. I had one idea for many years, and I wrote on it and wrote on it and wrote on it and sort of revised, and–honestly–it never went anywhere. So I was really glad when another idea came along. And that […]

Don’t Drop that Chainsaw; Put it Gently Away for a While

My husband has this analogy (metaphor?) he uses frequently—juggling cats and chainsaws. I think, to him, this activity actually sounds like fun. To me, it’s just a great image for those days when you feel like you not only have too many balls in the air at once, but that most of them have claws and […]

If It’s 2010, I Must Be…

Determined. (Ha! Thought you were going to get an age there, didn’t you?!) No, you get determined, which I’ll talk about in just a little bit. First, I feel like mulling about the actual year. 2010. It’s really an incredible number to have attached to a year, I think. My son, even though he was […]

How Many Balls Should You Juggle…and Which?

Last year, I guest-posted over at Shrinking Violet Promotions about the pluses of saying Yes. I believe firmly that it’s a much better word than No. Especially when you’re talking to yourself. But how many yes‘s can you handle? As you move further along your writing path, opportunities are going to multiply.  Here are just a […]

And Here Comes School

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I consider the actual New Years Day to be August 25th. Or whatever day school starts. Wednesday, we go pick up my son’s class schedule. Next Tuesday, we head back into the school year. Eighth-grade, at the same middle school, so there shouldn’t be […]

Matilda Butler’s Interview with Me

Matilda Butler is a teacher (and student!) of memoir. She’s the co-publisher of Rosie’s Daughters, a collection of memoir pieces by women born during WWII. She has as many shelves of women’s memoirs in her library as I do children’s books–maybe more! I first met Matilda at the last East of Eden writers conference, and–when I was developing the […]