How Many Balls Should You Juggle…and Which?

Last year, I guest-posted over at Shrinking Violet Promotions about the pluses of saying Yes. I believe firmly that it’s a much better word than No. Especially when you’re talking to yourself. But how many yes‘s can you handle? As you move further along your writing path, opportunities are going to multiply.  Here are just a […]

Taking Risks…Come On, Just a Few

I am by nature an extremely cautious person. I’m also not so good with change. 38 years later, I’m still not so sure my family needed to sell our smallish tract home and move to the much bigger house, on the top of a hill, with an ocean view and a bedroom for each kid, […]

Sampling: Getting Started with a New Writing Form

For years, I did two kinds of writing. During the day, I wrote software documentation. At night, my alter ego came out (or, too often, just went to bed), and I worked on the mystery I’d been writing for years. Then, life–with its twisty-turny surprises rearranged things, and I stopped being a technical writer and […]

Matilda Butler’s Interview with Me

Matilda Butler is a teacher (and student!) of memoir. She’s the co-publisher of Rosie’s Daughters, a collection of memoir pieces by women born during WWII. She has as many shelves of women’s memoirs in her library as I do children’s books–maybe more! I first met Matilda at the last East of Eden writers conference, and–when I was developing the […]

Spring & Writing: What’s Growing with You?

Yes, Spring is here. I know, it was official a few weeks ago, and some of you are still dealing with cold rain and snow, but the green things are trying. And out here, they’re growing and blooming. My son’s spring break was this last week, and we took off for a couple of days […]