Writing in the Midst of it All

Okay, my thoughts here are going to be nothing new and certainly nothing profound. But I’ve had a block in my writing all week (Anyone else? Yeah, I thought so.), and I’m hoping processing it here a bit will free me up to get back to my story. Which needs to happen. My Facebook feed […]

Thanks to Jo Knowles and Steven Tyler

I’m a scene and a half into the second draft of my historical WIP. The last few days, with writing time, have been wonderful–just letting myself relax back into the happiness of putting words on the page. And, yes, with all my words about research, I’m still leaving placeholders for specifics. I hunt for a […]

Some Thoughts on Fear

I just read two wonderful books of historical fiction: Healing Water by Joyce Moyer Hostetter Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson The reading of both of these books was an absolute delight. The books move quickly, not weighed down by too much historical baggage, with the hero’s problems and needs always the main focus.  As a reader, […]

Somebody Else Says: The Other Sixth-Letter-of-the-Alphabet Word

Some of you already know that I took on something new this month–developing an online how-to-critique course for Writer’s Digest. Exciting. Fun. Different. Scary. What’s the word? “Fear.” Luckily for me, I have wonderful critique partners and writing friends who pat me on the back and keep me going. And a seriously great, patient editor to […]

Opening Those Closed Doors

I come from a long-lived family. I got to know three of my grandparents well into my thirties, and both of my grandmothers made it past 90. I was lucky in many ways to have them in my life, but one of the more shallow ways in which I like to look at that luck […]

Taking Risks…Come On, Just a Few

I am by nature an extremely cautious person. I’m also not so good with change. 38 years later, I’m still not so sure my family needed to sell our smallish tract home and move to the much bigger house, on the top of a hill, with an ocean view and a bedroom for each kid, […]

And Here Comes School

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I consider the actual New Years Day to be August 25th. Or whatever day school starts. Wednesday, we go pick up my son’s class schedule. Next Tuesday, we head back into the school year. Eighth-grade, at the same middle school, so there shouldn’t be […]

Somebody Else Says: Jo Knowles & Bubble Stampede

Two seemingly very different posts to link you to today. I think, though, that they’re actually pretty strongly connected by being BIG parts of the writing path. Jo Knowles is a wonderful YA writer. Her Lessons from a Dead Girl is incredible, and Jumping off Swings (Due this August) is high on my to-read list. […]

Writing Fears…How I REALLY Feel

I think I’ve talked here before about how, in The Critiquer’s Survival Guide, I’m making up excerpts from “not-so-good” books, to use as examples. (I also have excerpts from real books, but those are for the better examples!) Anyway, today I was playing with a bit of text for a pretend self-help book called Overcoming […]