Somebody Else Says: Jo Knowles & Bubble Stampede

Two seemingly very different posts to link you to today. I think, though, that they’re actually pretty strongly connected by being BIG parts of the writing path.

Jo Knowles is a wonderful YA writer. Her Lessons from a Dead Girl is incredible, and Jumping off Swings (Due this August) is high on my to-read list. In her most recent blog post, she talks about how hard it can be to get seriously constructive feedback on your writing and how wonderful it is to remember what you can do with that feedback. A must-read for anyone who knows that discouraged feeling.

A year ago, Laura Purdie Salas and Fiona Bayrock created Bubble Stampede, a LiveJournal blog about their upcoming months of promoting their to-be-published books–Stampede!: Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School and Bubble Homes and Fish Farts . The year’s posts are definitely worth skimming, but they’ve also just posted a summation of the year-what worked, what didn’t. Lots of valuable insight.

Happy Monday. I’ll be back soon with some more of my own thoughts!


12 thoughts on “Somebody Else Says: Jo Knowles & Bubble Stampede

  1. Thanks, Becky! And next week, our bona fide last post will be a kind of table of contents with clickable links to every promotion topic we’ve covered at Bubble Stampede.

    Hopefully, that’ll make it easy for people to find our thoughts on any specific topic (though of course they can find it by using the tags list now).


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