My Indiscriminating Cat

Keep moving, keep moving. No big writing discussion or process theories here today. Just a quick little post about, yes…Alice. As a kid, I remember that we couldn’t leave food out on the counters, or one of the cats would get to it. But, since I’ve “grown up,” my cats have been amazingly non-food-grabby. I’m […]

Maurice Sendak and Jo Knowles: Thoughts

Probably a lot of you have already seen and listened to this “illustrated interview” clip from Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with Maurice Sendak. If not, go watch it now. Bring tissues. And probably as many of you have also read Jo Knowles’ lovely post about Sendak’s “Live your life” quote from the interview. If […]

More Work on Understanding Scene Structure

This week, I’m hoping to get through some chapters of Save the Cat. I just barely started on the structure section, where he shows the basic outline he uses and starts explaining both sections. So far, the things he says are making little bells chime in my plot brain, which is good. I managed to […]

Jo Knowles’ Truth & John Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

If you read Jo Knowles blog (and you should), you’ll know the importance that truth holds in her writing–not just in what appears on the page, but in the truths she explores and pushes herself to look at, as she writes. Her commitment to these truths is so clear in all her books. And I’ve […]

The Word for 2012

Yes, I know it’s January 3th. Yes, I know that’s a little late for resolution-type posts. But, hey, I’ve been busy writing and working, which–since those are a big part of my goals for 2012–I believe is a satisfactory excuse. Every year, Laura Purdie Salas picks a theme. I like this idea so much better […]

Writing Lessons from Tiffany Aching

Okay, Tiffany Aching isn’t Steven Tyler. But if we’re learning anything from Jo Knowles’ “unintentional blog series” about Tyler, it’s that writing advice comes where you find it. And, probably, most people would agree that Terry Pratchett would be right up there with authors we could all learn from. BTW, if you didn’t know who […]

Thankful Thursday: From My Blog Reader

There are times when it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information on the Internet, especially when we tell ourselves we’re supposed to be keeping track of it all and applying it to our writing lives. Um…impossible. I have a long list of blogs in my blog reader, and on any given day, I […]

Thanks to Jo Knowles and Steven Tyler

I’m a scene and a half into the second draft of my historical WIP. The last few days, with writing time, have been wonderful–just letting myself relax back into the happiness of putting words on the page. And, yes, with all my words about research, I’m still leaving placeholders for specifics. I hunt for a […]

More Thoughts on Juggling and Balance

The Writing Path. That’s part of my blog title, but I haven’t mused out loud about it here for a while. There’s a thought, or a few semi-connected thoughts, that have been simmering in my mind for a while. I’ve put off blogging, because I don’t want it to sound like whining, but what the […]

Banned Books Week

As I said back here, I grew up on folk music, including The Weavers–Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman, & Lee Hays. Not quite so many years back, but enough,¬†I watched the 1982¬†documentary “Wasn’t That a Time,” about their 1980 reunion. What’s the one thing I remember the most strongly? Lee Hays saying this about […]