Thankful Thursday: Thoughts Inspired by a Niece

Over on Facebook today, one of my nieces made a comment about how it’s just not possible to have your life planned out at her age. She’s a sharp young woman with awesome goals, energy, and commitment; since I’ve known her (okay, maybe since she started walking!), she’s decided she was going to do something, […]

Thankful Thursday: Change

Yesterday, I walked with a good friend. We walked and talked, and because we talked, I barely noticed the walking–which is always nice! What did we talk about? Change. Well, no, not by name. But her son is six weeks into his freshman year of high school, and I wanted to hear all about it. […]

Thankful Thursday: Living Where I Do

Where I worked yesterday afternoon: We’ve been in this house almost twenty years now, which is hard to believe, except that, yes, my son is fifteen, so it adds up. We went out for donuts one morning and ended up talking to a realtor and scheduling an appointment “just to look.” We were looking at […]

Thankful Thursday: Ideas

I think I’ve talked here before about how I used to be a one-idea person. I had one idea for many years, and I wrote on it and wrote on it and wrote on it and sort of revised, and–honestly–it never went anywhere. So I was really glad when another idea came along. And that […]

Thankful Thursday: When to Say “Thanks” to a Critique Partner

It’s a good time to thank your critique partner when: They point out that your first chapter would be a lot more interesting if you started…there (usually a LOT further in). They show you the place they lost track of which character is saying what. They tell you that they laughed out loud three times […]

Thankful Thursday and NOT Being the Bear

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Judge Vaughn Walker for declaring Prop 8… UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Yes, it seems like a big Duh! on the one hand, and I know there is more battle coming, but over here in California, many, many of us (really!) are dancing for joy at the breaking-through-the-clouds moment […]

Thankful Thursday: Mary Travers (and Peter & Paul)

When I was growing up, the music in our house was folk music. Pete Seeger, The Weavers, Joan Baez, Woody and Arlo Guthrie, The Kingston Trio. Peter, Paul, & Mary. Mary Travers died yesterday. Here’s her obit in the NY Times. And here’s what Peter & Noel Paul say about her on her website. I […]