SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater: Plots & Subplots, Twisting & Weaving

Hey, everybody, watch out! There is a contest at the end of this post! And it is a contest for a scary book. And I, Grover, am here to warn you and to tell you not to keep reading. Do not scroll down to the end of this post! (Okay, I couldn’t resist, with much […]

Just for Fun: What Kind of Chocolate Should I Buy?

So…my launch party is in 24 days. Me, counting? There will be cupcakes. There will be Dove bars. Perhaps cookies. There will be a wonderful bookstore location where, before and after the launch, you can browse to your heart’s content. See what I’m offering? There will also be a raffle. I’m having a lot of fun […]

Jennifer Hubbard’s The Secret Year Online Launch Party

Just a quick drop-in today to let you know about a fun launch party for what sounds like a great book. Jennifer Hubbard is one of my favorite bloggers–her posts are always thoughtful and, consequently, always get me thinking! Her first YA book, The Secret Year, comes out this week, and she’s partying at her blog. […]

Marketing Monday: Setting Up a Blog Tour & Adding a New Blog Feature

Before I get down to business today, I want to show you a few of my favorite books. Wait, what’s that one out in front? Is it…? It is! Yes, two copies of The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide showed up at my house this weekend. Did I mind the rain and gray skies? […]


My friend Terri Thayer is having an incredibly, wonderfully busy month. She’s already been to one long-weekend writing workshop, a quilt workshop/retreat, and is off again to a writing retreat in the Southwest. So, when she asked me if I’d like to guest blog for her this week, I said, “Sure.” I also said, “Can’t you […]

Interview: Martha Engber of THE WIND THIEF

I know Martha Engber through the California Writers Club–our paths have crossed a few times over recent years. Martha’s novel The Wind Thief was just released, and Martha sent me an ARC of the book, so I could read it before interviewing her for my blog. The Wind Thief is the story of two heroes, Ajay […]

Marketing Interview (& Contest) with Laura Purdie Salas

In September of 2008, Laura Purdie Salas joined up with Fiona Bayrock to explore marketing and PR possibilities for two of their picture books that were being published the next year: Salas’ Stampede! Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of Schooland Bayrock’s Bubble Homes and Fish Farts. And they decided to do this exploration publicly—at […]

Love Ya Award: More Blogs for You to Check Out

Last week, K.M. Weiland at WordPlaypresented me with the Love Ya Blog award. Thanks, K.M. for including me in your list! Here’s the definition of the award: The “Love Ya” Award states: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is […]

Some New Bloggy Links

Earlier this week, Shawna at WriterMomof5 sent me this blog award.         Shawna is one of the unexpected rewards I got from starting this new blog and getting out there on some social networking sites. She is sweet and funny and reading her blog is one of the treats of my week. […]

Blog Contest: Betsy Franco’s MATHEMATICKLES!

I’m actually running this contest at my other blog! If you like picture books or know a child who does, hop on over and leave a comment to enter!