Some New Bloggy Links

Earlier this week, Shawna at WriterMomof5 sent me this blog award.





Shawna is one of the unexpected rewards I got from starting this new blog and getting out there on some social networking sites. She is sweet and funny and reading her blog is one of the treats of my week. So having this award come from her is just…cool!

I thought I’d combine passing this award on with giving you links to some of the newer blogs I’ve been following. Well, they’re not necessarily new to the blogosphere, but they’re new to me. In some of that free time we all have just laying around, take a few minutes and check these out–leave a comment and say, “Hi!”

  • Elana Roth is an agent with the Caren Johnson Literary Agency. I “found” her first on Twitter and have recently started reading her blog–enjoyable and informative.
  • Beth Revis cracks me up. Every time. She’s writing a SF YA that I so want to read. Beth’s also  a middle-school teacher, and you have to read her Today: In Class posts. She’s the teacher we all wish we’d had.
  • Amy Butler Greenfield is History Maven. We hooked up somehow (I’m not sure if it’s a bad or good thing that I can never remember where or when these connections get started!) after I started blogging about my historical YA. Amy is dug into her own historical fiction, and I love her posts (and comments) about history, writing, and life.
  • Joyce Moyer Hostetter is another history writer, and the author of several historical novels for children. Joyce is incredibly supportive and her posts about research and writing and talking to kids about her stories are hugely motivational for me!
  • Sara Zarr is, for me, the epitome of the thinking writer. Her posts are intelligent and speak clearly and concisely of the process and the art and the struggle.

I’m passing the Lovely award on to all these bloggers and hope you’ll add them to your own lists of very readables!


  1. beth says:

    AW! Thank you so much! That’s so sweet!!! 🙂


  2. I never knew you had a second blog! Holy moly! How do you find the time? I’m immensely impressed. All the blogs you listed look great. Thanks for sharing.


  3. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    Oh, I missed this until just now! How can that be?

    Thanks for the One Lovely Blog Award! I bet I’m supposed to be passing it on, huh?


    • beckylevine says:

      Only if you want to–if it sounds fun. I don’t like awards that put pressure on the recipients! 🙂


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