My friend Terri Thayer is having an incredibly, wonderfully busy month. She’s already been to one long-weekend writing workshop, a quilt workshop/retreat, and is off again to a writing retreat in the Southwest. So, when she asked me if I’d like to guest blog for her this week, I said, “Sure.” I also said, “Can’t you sneak me into a suitcase,” but that’s beside the point!

Anyway, the ladies over at Killer Hobbies, decided to make their posts this week all about writing. If you haven’t stopped by this blog before, it’s a group of six mystery writers who, as they say, “are dying to discuss the hobbies that drove us to murder.”

This week at Killer Hobbies is Writing Workshop week. Each blogger will talk about a different element of the writing craft, with me chiming in on Friday about critiquing. When I heard about the idea, I decided this would be a good time to start my plan (yes, a bit early) for 2010, which is to do guest blogs & interviews and get some copies of my own book out to readers.

So…the first contest! Leave a comment at Killer Hobbies this week, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide. Small caveat: if the winner wants  a print copy, they’ll be first on my list to send out once I HAVE those print copies! If the winner would like a PDF for your Kindle (or other e-reader if those take PDF!), I can get that to them shortly after the contest, because I already have that in my hot, little hand. Well…in my computer.

We’re keeping this simple, each commenter gets one copy of their name in the hat, no matter how many comments you leave. Stop by all week & check out the posts. These writers all know what they’re talking about!

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