Summer Vacation: A Few Memories & A Spontaneous Giveaway

Yesterday, my son finished up his sophomore year of high school. Excuse me a moment… Anyway…other than an ever-increasing freakout the older my son gets, what the last day of school means to me is Summer. More specifically, summer vacation. Which comes with a load of feelings and memories from my past decades years. Like… […]

Saturday Six: Links to Share

Lately, I feel like I’m checking in a blogs a lot, but not necessarily posting comments. I know there’s a lot of discussion around about whether blogs are on the way out, and I never know if my pattern is part of a trend or just a piece of my general business? Either way, I […]

Looking for Guest Bloggers…and Giveaway Winners

So, if you read my theme post earlier this month, you’ll know I’m getting back to my fiction writing in 2012. This doesn’t mean, though, that I am forgetting about critique groups or the book I DO have out, The Writing & Critique Group Survival Group: How to Give and Receive Feedback, Self Edit, and […]

Monday Morning Brainstorming: In Which I Take My Own Advice

In The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, I’ve got a chapter titled, “Brainstorming.” It’s not a long chapter, but I think it’s an important one, because I do think brainstorming is one of the biggest gifts critique partners can give to each other. I’ve talked to some beginning critiquers who haven’t realized that it’s […]

Writer Mama: Final Week of Every-Day-in-May Book Giveaway

If you follow Christina Katz, The Writer Mama, or read her blog, you’re already up on the fact that she’s been giving away a book a day this month. Well, she’s heading into the final stretch, and if you haven’t dropped by yet, it’s worth going over and seeing what’s on offer these last few […]

Contest: What’s Your Revision Metaphor?

WARNING: MIXED METAPHORS (or possibly even analogies) AHEAD: You know that stage in revision, when things are FINALLY coming together? When you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s NOT a train)? I have struggled for years to come up with a good way to describe. Something concise, cohesive, […]

6-Month Anniversary Prize Winners!

First, thank you to everybody who came and celebrated with me. What a party! (Come on, you know we all love the ones where you don’t have to get dressed up or leave your own home.) So many people wished me good thoughts & entered the contest, it was like having ice cream every day–with […]

Happy Six-Month Release Anniversary…to Me! And a Contest for You!

Six months ago, my book, The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, officially hit the shelves. It was one of those days of excitement and nerves and a lot of disbelief. I did the launch day thing, and a few weeks later, had my party. It was all MORE than good, and the last six […]

Do the Write Thing for Nashville

Mother Nature is at it again, and this time she’s hit Nashville, Tennessee, with more water than the city can handle. Three writers—Victoria Elizabeth Schwab, Myra McEntire, and Amanda Morgan—have a plan. They’ve set up an online auction blog called Do the Write Thing for Nashville, and they’re donating the proceeds of that auction to Flood […]

What I Did on Launch Day & Book/Chocolate Winner!

Okay, guys, I’ve been waiting over a year to get to put up this post! I love reading launch-day reports from other writers, and half the reason I got myself out from behind my desk and into the real world (okay, the real BOOK world, anyway) was so that I’d have something to write about. […]