Do the Write Thing for Nashville

Mother Nature is at it again, and this time she’s hit Nashville, Tennessee, with more water than the city can handle. Three writers—Victoria Elizabeth Schwab, Myra McEntire, and Amanda Morgan—have a plan. They’ve set up an online auction blog called Do the Write Thing for Nashville, and they’re donating the proceeds of that auction to Flood Relief.

Writers, Editors, and Agents are donating goods and services to the auction. Stop by and take a look. If you’re interested in bidding on a copy of my book, The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, along with a first-chapter critique from me, make sure to check the blog on Saturday, May 8th, when it gets listed for the auction.

Thanks to Victoria, Myra, and Amanda for putting all their own time and energy into this and making it so easy for us to do something to help!


  1. Stella Michel says:

    It’s a wonderful cause and I’m trying to support without breaking my budget. It’s so good of you to contribute something, Becky. I hope they raise enough to help at least a few people there.


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