Looking for Guest Bloggers…and Giveaway Winners

So, if you read my theme post earlier this month, you’ll know I’m getting back to my fiction writing in 2012. This doesn’t mean, though, that I am forgetting about critique groups or the book I DO have out, The Writing & Critique Group Survival Group: How to Give and Receive Feedback, Self Edit, and Make Revisions.

I have an article out in February’s issue of Writer’s Digest magazine, “Critique Your Way to Better Writing,” and I’m always available here, or on Facebook, to talk about critiquing. Heck, I’ve even added a second critique group to my own life, one that I’m going to use to focus on my picture books.

And here’s the thing. I still have quite a small pile of author copies in my office. And they’re not doing me, or anyone else any good, just sitting here.

So it’s a year of giveaways! Well, almost a year, since I didn’t get it together enough to start this until February! What I’m going to do is ask for guest posters to come to my blog and talk about their critique experiences. I want to keep things positive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share a not-so-great experience that taught you something, or a bad place you started from that led you to a better critique place. Basically, I’m open to anything, just not full-out slamming of any group or the critique process overall. Cause that’s not how I roll.

Each guest-blogger is going to get a copy of The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide. AND, on top of that, I’m going to pick one commenter at each guest post to also send a book to. (I told you I have a pile!)

If this sounds fun to you–the guest-posting part–send me a quick note at beckylevine at ymail dot com, with the basic idea for your post. I’m hoping some of you will want to chime in with your thoughts and experiences.

And, hey, you’ll be helping me continue to clean up my office in 2012!


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