Looking for Guest Bloggers…and Giveaway Winners

So, if you read my theme post earlier this month, you’ll know I’m getting back to my fiction writing in 2012. This doesn’t mean, though, that I am forgetting about critique groups or the book I DO have out, The Writing & Critique Group Survival Group: How to Give and Receive Feedback, Self Edit, and […]

Monday Morning Brainstorming: In Which I Take My Own Advice

In The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, I’ve got a chapter titled, “Brainstorming.” It’s not a long chapter, but I think it’s an important one, because I do think brainstorming is one of the biggest gifts critique partners can give to each other. I’ve talked to some beginning critiquers who haven’t realized that it’s […]

Critique Groups: Good Reasons to Keep Quiet

If you were to visit my critique group and ask, “Who’s the most guilty member of the group,when it comes to interrupting?,” they’d smile and say, “Oh, that’d be Becky.” And then you’d look at me, and I’d be nodding sheepishly. Yeah. I get excited about the ideas going around, or I’m thinking along two […]

Would You Want to Skype a Critique?

Today’s blog is sort of a mini-survey. Along with my own writing, I’m still doing plenty of critiques for other writers these days. What with the nature of the world, I do a lot of my work online, via email and with much neater feedback in Word than I could ever do with my own […]

Friday Five Critiquing: Ways to Deliver the “Bad” News

We’ve all been there. We’ve read a submission from a critique partner, and we’ve got a lot to say. A lot that isn’t maybe so great and that is not, we’re pretty sure, going to make the writer feel good. Maybe it’s a new member of the group, and you don’t know how they’ll take […]

The Possibilities of Critiquing

When I talk about the basics of developing a critique, I recommend that–in their critique feedback–readers offer writers an explanation, an example, and a suggestion. An explanation of what’s not working, an example (or two) of that not-working element from the manuscript, and a suggestion for what the author might do differently. Here’s what a […]

Remembering: The Feeling of a First Critique

I’ve been doing this critique thing a long time. I met one of my current critique partners before my son was born, before he was even much more than a possibility in my future. I’m pretty used to the ups and downs that go with submitting my work, having my critique partners chew it into […]

I Can’t Believe I Read the Whole Thing: Supporting Each Other with Full-Manuscript Critiques

A while ago, when I was asking for post ideas on Facebook, Kristin O”Donnell Tubb suggested I write about full-manuscript critiques. I was sure I’d talked about that somewhere, but I have hunted around on my blog and it’s not showing up. Maybe it was on the old blog? Anyway, it’s definitely a topic worth […]

Critique Groups: Keeping the Spark Present

So I didn’t work on my WIP all last week. I had deadline for an article, and I was focused on pulling it together into something more interesting than just a bunch of data points and dry information. Because, really, who’d want to read that? Anyway, so I took a week off from writing the […]

Let’s Be Honest: Life Changes…and So Do Critique Groups

So I was trolling for blogging ideas on Twitter and Facebook this morning, and Jane Friedman wrote:  “Here’s a question: what if you have a long-standing member of a critique group who … just doesn’t fit anymore. Yet they don’t seem to understand this themselves. How can you gently get them to move on? (Maybe […]