Friday Five: How to Keep Critiquing Strong Through the Summer

Okay, the solstice may not have hit, but as I mentioned last post, summer’s pretty much here. For some of us, that means kids out of school, family visits, vacations from work to someplace with lounge chairs and margaritas. As wonderful as these changes are, they can make writing…and critiquing quite the challenge. With schedules […]

Critiquing: Your Brain is Talking–Listen.

In the talks I’m giving this month, I’m getting down to some basics about digging into a critique. I’m trying to give new critiquers some tools to get started with confidence and encourage critiquers who have been doing this for a while to stretch themselves. And the first thing I’m telling people is to listen to […]

What to Expect from a Critique

After a lovely week of talking about other authors, I thought it was time to come back to talking a bit about…you! This post is modified from a downloadable PDF (of the same title) available at my Critiquing tab above, that I wrote for writers who are considering hiring me for a professional critique. I think […]

Critique Groups: The Case (Okay, MY Case) for Reading Ahead

When I started writing The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, I knew I wanted to include some of the basics about how to actually run a strong group—the mechanics of it. If you’ve read my blog for a while, or if you know me in person, you may have figured out that I have […]

Wednesday’s Winner…& a Memoir Teleseminar

Last week, I interviewed Laura Purdie Salas about the marketing she did for her picture book Stampede! Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School. I entered everybody who left a comment in a contest for Laura’s book. This morning, I crumpled up all the little pieces of paper and picked one out of the […]

Critiquing Electronically

I’m not someone who jumps instantly for the latest and greatest thing. I don’t own an e-reader of any sort, my cellphone is a phone and camera, and that’s about it. And it’s taken me a while to really accept electronic editing. I did a little bit of it when I was freelance editing. And […]

Critiques: Writing up the Big Stuff

At my workshop last weekend, for the Redwood Writers, I took the participants through a few of the basics of critiquing: Reading the manuscript Writing the critique Presenting the critique  After a few minutes of my blathering talking, I had them get into groups and practice these basics. Then I critiqued their critique and we talked out a few […]

Receiving a Critique: What Can YOU Do?

There are two sides to every coin and, almost always, to every situation. This rule applies very well to critique groups.  I’ve always known this, but it’s hitting home again as I work on The Critiquer’s Survival Guide. (Half the book is heading to the editor this week–three cheers!) I hear a lot of stories […]

Opening the Critique Discussion

One of the reasons I started this website is that there was a pretty serious curve in my own writing path this year. Up until last spring, I was writing mostly fiction and filling in gaps with freelance manuscript editing. Then I pitched a critique-book idea to an editor at Writer’s Digest and found myself […]