Things I’m Counting as “Writing” These Days

We all know it. We know “writing” is about so many more tasks than sitting at your computer, or with a notebook, and writing actual words and sentences and paragraphs and pages of that 1st or 2nd or nth draft. We know it logically. Still, there’s something in many, if not all of us, that […]

A Potpourri of Revision Posts

Okay, so I have six scenes to go in the first draft. My goal for today was three scenes, which would have gotten me down to five left, and I wrote those six scenes, but one was a surprise with perhaps a little magic in it and a possible focus for one story thread when […]

> Five Friday

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes when I can’t think of a good blog topic of my own, I scan the internet for other people’s thoughts to share with you. BUT…this morning, I had just barely opened up my Google Reader when fantastic posts started jumping out at me. So today, be glad you’re getting links […]

What it Means to Trust an Author: Jennifer R. Hubbard

I’ve read one of Jennifer R. Hubbard’s books–The Secret Year (read my review here). As I write this post, I’m 33 pages into her second book, Try Not to Breathe. And she’s done it again. Jenn writes the kinds of books I don’t ever see myself writing. Realistic YA, yes, but even within that genre, […]

Saturday Six: Links to Share

Lately, I feel like I’m checking in a blogs a lot, but not necessarily posting comments. I know there’s a lot of discussion around about whether blogs are on the way out, and I never know if my pattern is part of a trend or just a piece of my general business? Either way, I […]

Friday Five: Around the Blogosphere

A quick glance around the blogs to see what other people are saying: Jennifer R. Hubbard with a discussion on Little Women: Jo and Laurie or Jo and Professor Bhaer. Fact: I am now and always have been Team Bhaer. Because I loved the book but am feeling too lazy to write about it, this […]

Thoughts on Slowing Down from Jennifer R. Hubbard (and Me!)

Jennifer R. Hubbard posted here on taking time off, not pushing quite as hard to always be running. As usual, Jenn’s thoughts are clear and on target, and–as often happens–she hit a chord with me. I’m not sure at what stage, life gets less busy. I’ve watched my parents since they sold their veterinary practice […]

Thankful Thursday: From My Blog Reader

There are times when it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information on the Internet, especially when we tell ourselves we’re supposed to be keeping track of it all and applying it to our writing lives. Um…impossible. I have a long list of blogs in my blog reader, and on any given day, I […]

Guest Post: Jennifer R. Hubbard on Keeping Focused

Jennifer R. Hubbard is the author of the young-adult novel, The Secret Year, a lovely book with one of the best portrayals I’ve read of a teenage boy who chooses not to share his feelings. If you want to read a great story and see really strong use of point of view, pick up a […]

The Brilliance of Point of View in Jennifer R. Hubbard’s The Secret Year

When I was working on the critique book, I did a lot of research. (You didn’t think it all just poured freely out of my head, did you?) One of the many writing books I read was The Power of Point of View by Alicia Rasley. I’ve always¬†loved books with a strong voice, and I […]