> Five Friday

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes when I can’t think of a good blog topic of my own, I scan the internet for other people’s thoughts to share with you. BUT…this morning, I had just barely opened up my Google Reader when fantastic posts started jumping out at me. So today, be glad you’re getting links to other blogs! And that I let myself cheat on the Friday Five and not bother counting!

  • A few things Jennifer Hubbard was thinking about that, as usual, I spend time thinking about, too.
    Older and Younger
  • Beth Revis interviews Robin LaFevers, whose newest book Grave Mercy I have been raving about since I read it.
    Robin LaFevers interview
  • Alex Villasante talks about how easy (NOT!) it is being out on submission. For the first time. Go, read, sympathize!
    What I Know about Being on Submission
  • Jo Knowles has a wonderful post about actually knowing, truly, where your manuscript is–even if that “where” isn’t yet Done.
    A Little More Work to be Done
  • Ramona DeFelice Long has started a new series of How-To posts. Ramona is a freelance editor as well as a writer, so stop in here at her first post and just keep reading throughout the month.
    A Bold New Blog Plan
  • One of Jennifer Laughran’s usual intelligent, thoughtful posts–this one on reading books by authors we personally dislike or disrespect.
    Reading with the Enemy
  • Jeannine Atkins posts about getting some pretty intense critique feedback. This is, as far as I’m concerned, the courage and strength we all need to have about and for our writing.
    One Hundred Pages


  1. Thanks for the empathy and nice words, Becky! I rushed a bit through Jo’s post, unable to focus too much on the not-there-yet-ness, even though I know there’s a happy ending.


  2. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Thanks for linking! Also, hee hee, I am thinking of linking to Jo’s post myself.

    And thanks for the link to Jenn Laughran’s, because she raised an issue that I think about a lot and have toyed with the idea of blogging about.


    • beckylevine says:

      I think it’s the name. Both of you take on these topics in a way that makes me say, “Yeah!” and want to read more.


  3. Thank you for these signposts to great thoughts from others! I’ve shared the link to Jo’s post with the Children’s Book Hub Facebook Group (a group for both established and aspiring children’s writers, illustrators, and editors). I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!


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