Monday Musings: In the Self-Publishing World, How Do We Identify “Ready”?

There’s so much talk going on around the blogosphere about e-books and self-publishing and the changes that are here and the changes that are coming that…well, it feels a bit overwhelming to even try and jump into the conversation. Then again, all that talk does get me/us thinking, and it’s a conversation that does need […]

Somebody Else Says: Jane Friedman at CCYW

Quick Reminder: There’s plenty of time to enter my contest for a copy of THE WRITING & CRITIQUE GROUP SURVIVAL GUIDE, a critique, and other goodies. Click here to comment & enter, but make sure to come back and read the good stuff at today’s post, too. 🙂 Yesterday, at the Capital City Young Writers […]

Somebody Else Says: Colette Vella

This is a fascinating article on agents and editors and the whole publishing-relationship world.  Thanks to Jessica Faust for the link.

Somebody Else Says: Interview with Jane Friedman

Just a quick post to link you to an interview that Tad Richards did with Jane Friedman, of Writer’s Digest. The topic is “Writers & the Recession,” something–as worrisome as it is–we should all be keeping up with. Jane doesn’t pull any punches about where she thinks publishing is going, and she always has something interesting […]

Somebody Else Says: Some Good News is Trickling In

Well, Spring is here. How do I know? Because we’re all on our allergy nasal sprays, here in this house. Because our windshields are coated with pollen every morning when we go out to drive. And, because, when I get into the car in the afternoon, it’s actually toasty and warm from the sunshine. Usually, […]

Webinars…Maybe I’m Catching up with the Millenium

Can you see me? Feebly waving an arm at you all, while I prop myself up against the wall? No, it’s not that bad! 🙂 I’m just being silly. I feel pretty great, actually, because I just sent the first (of two) chunks of The Critiquer’s Survival Guide off to my editor at Writer’s Digest. […]

Somebody Else Says: Jane Lindskold

I was going to put up this great, maybe-even-profound blog about…blogging first thing this week. Then I read this post by Jane Lindskold at and thought it was a good one to share. We can all use more info about What Happens After the Book is Written. Hop over and have a read. Thanks […]

To Worry or Write? That’s the Question

It seems like, for the past few weeks, I keep running across articles of doom and gloom. Now I know. I get it. The economy stinks. And it’s hitting everybody, no question. Including publishing. Realistically, this is going to impact us as writers. And, realistically, I–for one–am capable of breaking into a cold sweat and […]