Banned Books Week

As I said back here, I grew up on folk music, including The Weavers–Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman, & Lee Hays. Not quite so many years back, but enough,¬†I watched the 1982¬†documentary “Wasn’t That a Time,” about their 1980 reunion. What’s the one thing I remember the most strongly? Lee Hays saying this about […]

Quiet Books: Can I hear a YES?!

Remember “edgy?” Okay, the word is still here. And I like it–I like edgy books. I admire the strength these authors put into their words, the sharp and almost painful voice with which their narrators tell their stories, and the power that pulls me in and keeps me turning the page, at times faster than […]

Just for Fun: Winter Reading

Hey, all–it’s only Thursday, but for some reason it’s feeling like Friday! We’re having our first cloudy, drippy day in weeks (sorry, all you Nor’easters!), and I’m actually wearing long sleeves. The warm, sunny weather has been great, but it’s boding not well for our summer water supply, so I’m actually pretty happy to have […]

Research: What You Look For and What You Find

My current WIP is a YA historical novel, about a young girl in 1913 Chicago. This is the first time I’ve written a historical story, and I was very intimidated, when I started, at the idea of all the research I’d be doing. Okay, I’m still a bit intimidated. I cleared off an entire bookshelf […]

Somebody Else Says: Jane Lindskold

I was going to put up this great, maybe-even-profound blog about…blogging first thing this week. Then I read this post by Jane Lindskold at and thought it was a good one to share. We can all use more info about What Happens After the Book is Written. Hop over and have a read. Thanks […]

Guest Post: Mine!

Today, I’m guest blogging over at Killer Hobbies, for my friend Terri Thayer. I’m talking about some good books to buy your teens these holidays. Take a look.