So I sent one picture-book revision off to the critique group and got back some great feedback. (As per usual.) That picture book and one other are pretty much at the word-choosing, fixing, and-maybe-someday-polishing stage. I have one more pb that I want to bring up to that point, too. Then I will sit with them all and bring up to yet the next level. But I want to get the major revisions on all three books done and behind me.

catch a star

Hey, I can dream.


I sat, and I thought. And I sat, and I thought. And I got an idea. And I typed the idea and thought some more and typed some more. I asked myself questions. I typed some possible answers. I saw a path. I started thinking in threes. I got some threes. I looked at the notes file, and I saw that it was good, and I moved onto the actual next draft.

I wrote. Fast. Top speed.

bombI know. I should have seen it coming.

I think the idea is still sound. I think the basic threes are still valid. They’re not the problem.

It’s the words.

I love writing. I really do. And I know I can make this better. I will make this better. All I can say is, though, it’s a good thing today isn’t Valentine’s Day. Because this is one story that wouldn’t be getting any chocolates from me.