Revision Status: At that Not-So-Much Love Place

So I sent one picture-book revision off to the critique group and got back some great feedback. (As per usual.) That picture book and one other are pretty much at the word-choosing, fixing, and-maybe-someday-polishing stage. I have one more pb that I want to bring up to that point, too. Then I will sit with them all and bring up to yet the next level. But I want to get the major revisions on all three books done and behind me.

catch a star

Hey, I can dream.


I sat, and I thought. And I sat, and I thought. And I got an idea. And I typed the idea and thought some more and typed some more. I asked myself questions. I typed some possible answers. I saw a path. I started thinking in threes. I got some threes. I looked at the notes file, and I saw that it was good, and I moved onto the actual next draft.

I wrote. Fast. Top speed.

bombI know. I should have seen it coming.

I think the idea is still sound. I think the basic threes are still valid. They’re not the problem.

It’s the words.

I love writing. I really do. And I know I can make this better. I will make this better. All I can say is, though, it’s a good thing today isn’t Valentine’s Day. Because this is one story that wouldn’t be getting any chocolates from me.


  1. That’s a first draft for you! But the good news is that it will get better. I keep watching the Olympics and thinking how hard it is to only get one shot at doing your best. We writers are lucky to be able to revise again and again in private, and only send the best work in.


    • beckylevine says:

      Amy, it’s actually like an 8th draft! But it’s the first pass at a new direction, and that’s what it feels like….all thin and flaky and without substance. Yeah, a first draft. More will come!


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