1. Naps sneak up on me. Like when all I’ve done is picked up a book, sat down on the couch, coerced the cat to curl up in my lap, and then…Boom! Out of nowhere, I’m snoozing.
  2. Naps grind my productivity to a halt. Oh, sure, yes, dreams are restorative and rest is good for my brain cells, but seriously….I’m not even reading that book I picked up.
  3. Naps can’t be attractive. Even when I’m totally out, I have this lurking sensation of my mouth hanging open and…well, let’s stop there. So far no one in my family has yet snapped a pic and waved it in my face. They know better.
  4. Naps make a mockery of my choice to eschew narcotics and heavy drinking. Because when I wake up from a nap, I am groggy, slow, and stupid. Refreshed? Rejuvenated? Totally false advertising.
  5. Naps don’t take me anywhere new. No falling asleep in the middle of a black-and-white tornado and landing in a Technicolor world and “borrowing” ruby slippers from a squashed witch for me. Not that I don’t love my own place and time, but, hey, an adventure would at least justify the post-nap tiredness.

What about you? Are you pro-nap or anti-nap? Leave me your answer with at least one reason in the comments, and I’ll enter you in the drawing I just now decided I’m having. What will one lucky commenter win? A copy of Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book. Never read it? Well, get started on your to-do list now, because once the book is in your house, you may never be able to stay awake again.

We’ll make this short and sweet. You’ve got till Monday night, February 24th, and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday. Ready? Set? G–zzzzzzzz