Slow Traffic Ahead…

Thought I’d toss a post up and let you all know that I haven’t (yet) and don’t plan to vanish from the face of the earth, but…this blog may be quiet for the next week or so.

Hey, it’s Holiday Time!

It’s not like we’re unbusy around here. The last of the presents have been pretty much bought and/or created and, yes, wrapped. The house is being cleaned, friends are visiting, food is being cooked, family will be visited. Exercise is being achieved. And all the other important vacation things are being done–books are being read, TV is being watched, couches are being laid upon, and eyes are being rested.

How’s that for passive voice?

There is not much writing being done. Unless, of course, you count to-do lists, grocery lists, and labels for those wrapped xmas presents. And you know what? This week I do count those!

Sometimes, the recharge is as important as the progress. Important to the progress.

So just stopping by to wish you all a wonderfully relaxing (and–if you want it–productive) time. Eat cookies, listen to holiday music, and enjoy!


  1. Terri Thayer says:

    Family visits, check.
    Eating cookies, check.
    Couch laying, check.
    Holiday music, check.

    Not doing so good on the exercise front. (No guilt intended.) I’ll get on that!

    No writing getting done.

    See you in the new year!


    • beckylevine says:

      Definitely! And it’s HARD to exercise when it’s this cold outside. I finally got to the treadmill this morning. 🙂


  2. I’m guessing fewer people will be reading blogs as well.


  3. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Happy holidays!


  4. Sounds like you’re on top of everything. Congratulations. I’ve been trying to maintain a running schedule but during the winter a lot of it is on the treadmill. Easier on the joints, at least.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.



    • beckylevine says:

      I’m trying to get back ON the treadmill. The open-ended days do make it easier to fit the exercise in, I think. 🙂

      Have a great Holiday!


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