Winding Down at the Turning of the Year

New Year’s Day is still over a week away, but today is the solstice, and I am definitely in that gear that has me coasting gently downhill till the end of the month and year. This means that I am basically going with what the day brings, with little start-and-stop jerks as another box arrives to be opened, and I remember another small item to be wrapped. I played chauffeur for my son this morning, then ran a few errands that needed to be done before Xmas arrives. There are a few left, and I’ll fit them into the next two days. Husband did pick-up duties this evening, while I cleaned up from my meat-pie-cooking session this afternoon and swept bits of paper and ribbon off my desk.

All slow and easy.

If I were any good at geometry, I’d have the word to describe the arc of this pattern–the downward curve I’m on now, knowing that–unless you’re a delivery person or diving into stores for last-minute purchases–things are quiet and quietening all around me. When I look ahead along the arc, I know I’ll touch a happy bottom around New Years, then start the upward curve, with the momentum of this relaxation making the slope pretty easy to get up.

This year has been amazing, with all the (thankfully) usual good things compounded by writing my book and seeing it through the publishing process. Today, I heard from two friends that Amazon had shipped their copies–it’s heading out into the real world, and in January I’ll be seeing it on shelves in bookstores. Yes…amazing. It’s a bit like the gentle starts-and-stops of getting ready for Xmas–the excitement synapses just spark every now and then, catching me out of the cooking or the cleaning or the reading.

I’ve been looking at people’s photos on Facebook & Twitter of snow-covered hills and buildings. We don’t have that here; in fact, today was gray skies and drizzle that just left goopy leaf piles on the ground. Still, something about this season and this time of year brings the quiet I imagine from those photos. A quiet we all need, I think, to break patterns, shift gears, and get ready for the next year.

2010. Can you believe it? And can you even imagine what it might bring?


  1. tara says:

    Excited for the release of your book. The curve will definitely rise high for you in 2010!


  2. jama says:

    I like the feeling that things are quietening — time to make goals for the new year and take in all the holiday magic. My copy of your book is also on its way — so excited to see it!!


    • beckylevine says:

      It is a good feeling, as though we’re storing up energy and peace for the next months! And, yay, about the book–I hope you like it!


  3. So glad you are enjoying the quiet end of the arc and have so much to look forward to next year! I know you work hard to keep the balance of writing and action, reflection and marketing: and that’s my new year’s wish for you, just to keep on with that. Oh, and another wish — hope somehow to see you in person! happy holidays, Becky!


    • beckylevine says:

      Your two wishes are mine, Jeannine–thank you so much! I want the balance, and I also want to find someplace to meet up with you for real!


  4. Andra M. says:

    Being a math geek, the word you’re looking for is parabola.

    Guess what! I received your book in the mail today. Yay.

    If you really want snow, I could send you some. We have four inches with more predicted by Christmas day.


    • beckylevine says:

      Thanks for the word! I knew it was out there somewhere! And as for snow, I think I’ll stick with pictures. Have a great holiday! 🙂


  5. Amy G. says:

    So excited the book is actually out there! Talk about a great jump start on 2010. Can’t wait to get my copy!


  6. I’m looking forward to the next year. I think each year just gets better 🙂

    And I’m excited to get my book in the mail!!


  7. claudine says:

    My copy came on Christmas Eve! Great introduction and layout. I’m itching to begin in earnest just as soon as the holidays settle down.


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