My 2014 Theme: Staying Open

Laura Purdie Salas started me on this a few years ago–each year, she sets a theme for her year, rather than making a list of resolutions. I love this, possibly because I hate resolutions, but also because I think it makes a nice turning of the calendar page. Not what do I want to DO […]

If It’s 2010, I Must Be…

Determined. (Ha! Thought you were going to get an age there, didn’t you?!) No, you get determined, which I’ll talk about in just a little bit. First, I feel like mulling about the actual year. 2010. It’s really an incredible number to have attached to a year, I think. My son, even though he was […]

Winding Down at the Turning of the Year

New Year’s Day is still over a week away, but today is the solstice, and I am definitely in that gear that has me coasting gently downhill till the end of the month and year. This means that I am basically going with what the day brings, with little start-and-stop jerks as another box arrives […]