The 2018 Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop…Wow.

The 2018 Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop…Wow.

Last Friday, I drove down the coast with a writing friend to attend this 3-day workshop put on by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. I had four picture books ready to share in critique and a new idea to work on. The two groups I was in were really wonderful, both because of the […]

Friday Five: Pennwriters Conference

A week ago, I headed downstairs from my hotel room to join the happy crowd picking up their registration goodies for the 2011 Pennwriters Conference. I’d already had some excitement the night before, what with my plane circling the Pittsburgh airport in the middle of some very cool lightning flashes,  landing between the thunderstorms sitting […]

Why I Love Writing Conferences

I’ve got a couple of writing conferences coming up in the next couple of months. At the start of April, I’m off to the Sacramento area, as an attendee at the SCBWI Spring Spirit conference. Then in May, I’m off to Pennsylvania to present at the Pennwriters conference in Pittsburgh. Obviously, things are going to […]

How Many Balls Should You Juggle…and Which?

Last year, I guest-posted over at Shrinking Violet Promotions about the pluses of saying Yes. I believe firmly that it’s a much better word than No. Especially when you’re talking to yourself. But how many yes‘s can you handle? As you move further along your writing path, opportunities are going to multiply.  Here are just a […]

How to Pick a Writing Conference

I’m getting close to finishing up revisions on The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide. I’m not sure what the next stage in the editing process will be, but I know it’s going to be time for me to start thinking about promotion. May I just say…Yikes! No, actually, I’m looking forward to it. One […]

Writing Conferences: Yes, No, or Why?

One of the debates you hear as people talk about writing paths is whether or not writing conferences are useful. Me? I admit it. I’m a huge fan. I think the fact that I’ve gone to writing conferences has a lot to do with where I am on my own path, with the steps I’ve […]