Interview with Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary Agency

I’ve been following Karen Grencik’s return to the world of agenting, from seeing that she had reopened her own agency, then reading the news about her forming Red Fox Literary with Abigail Samoun. I think it must be pretty amazing to come back to being an agent in the midst of all the big changes […]

Interview: Martha Engber of THE WIND THIEF

I know Martha Engber through the California Writers Club–our paths have crossed a few times over recent years. Martha’s novel The Wind Thief was just released, and Martha sent me an ARC of the book, so I could read it before interviewing her for my blog. The Wind Thief is the story of two heroes, Ajay […]

Matilda Butler’s Interview with Me

Matilda Butler is a teacher (and student!) of memoir. She’s the co-publisher of Rosie’s Daughters, a collection of memoir pieces by women born during WWII. She has as many shelves of women’s memoirs in her library as I do children’s books–maybe more! I first met Matilda at the last East of Eden writers conference, and–when I was developing the […]

Interview: Andra Marquardt Asks Me

Andra Marquardt, who I met over on the Writer’s Market Community, was nice enough to ask if she could interview me. I (obviously!) said yes, and I loved the questions. Andra’s posted the interview here.

I’ve Been Interviewed!

Beth Revis at the Writing it Out blog just posted an interview with me about The Writing Group Survival Guide. The interview’s here, if you’d like to stop by and have a read!