Thankful Thursday: When to Say “Thanks” to a Critique Partner

It’s a good time to thank your critique partner when: They point out that your first chapter would be a lot more interesting if you started…there (usually a LOT further in). They show you the place they lost track of which character is saying what. They tell you that they laughed out loud three times […]

Remembering: The Feeling of a First Critique

I’ve been doing this critique thing a long time. I met one of my current critique partners before my son was born, before he was even much more than a possibility in my future. I’m pretty used to the ups and downs that go with submitting my work, having my critique partners chew it into […]

Friday Five: A Random Version

1. I’m meeting with a young writer today to talk about her novel. I’ve started reading it, and it’s fun, and I’m really looking forward to editing and brainstorming with her.  I’m also taking her a copy of my book, because she’s young and she’s clearly going to be a writer all her life, and […]

I Can’t Believe I Read the Whole Thing: Supporting Each Other with Full-Manuscript Critiques

A while ago, when I was asking for post ideas on Facebook, Kristin O”Donnell Tubb suggested I write about full-manuscript critiques. I was sure I’d talked about that somewhere, but I have hunted around on my blog and it’s not showing up. Maybe it was on the old blog? Anyway, it’s definitely a topic worth […]

Interview with a Critique Group

When I talked to Tanya Egan Gibson, author of How to Buy a Love of Reading,  about interviewing for my blog and she suggested that everyone in her group answer the questions, I loved the idea. I thought it would be great to hear how different members answered the same question. Especially when Tanya offered to […]

Critique Groups: Keeping the Spark Present

So I didn’t work on my WIP all last week. I had deadline for an article, and I was focused on pulling it together into something more interesting than just a bunch of data points and dry information. Because, really, who’d want to read that? Anyway, so I took a week off from writing the […]

Let’s Be Honest: Life Changes…and So Do Critique Groups

So I was trolling for blogging ideas on Twitter and Facebook this morning, and Jane Friedman wrote:  “Here’s a question: what if you have a long-standing member of a critique group who … just doesn’t fit anymore. Yet they don’t seem to understand this themselves. How can you gently get them to move on? (Maybe […]

Friday Five: How to Keep Critiquing Strong Through the Summer

Okay, the solstice may not have hit, but as I mentioned last post, summer’s pretty much here. For some of us, that means kids out of school, family visits, vacations from work to someplace with lounge chairs and margaritas. As wonderful as these changes are, they can make writing…and critiquing quite the challenge. With schedules […]

Guest Post: Ruth Spiro on Multiple-Genre Critique Groups

Please welcome Ruth Spiro to my blog! Ruth writes for children, but critiques with writers of various genres. When I heard that, I asked her if she’d do a guest post about how that works for her and her critique partners. She said, “Sure!”  Thanks, Ruth. 🙂 Check out her guest post below (especially my […]

Friday Five: What’s Happening Out There?

Okay, the blog’s been pretty Becky-centric this week, so for Friday, I’m scanning the blogosphere for interesting news, discussions, and events that are happening between and to others! School starts up again on Monday, so my brain (my middle-aged brain!) should be back firing on most more cylinders! 1. April is National Poetry month, and […]