Matchmaking with Books

One thing I love about this time of year is the chance to pick out a book for someone not on my usual supply list. Okay, let’s be honest–for a kid not on my usual list. I’m never happier than when I have a specific child in mind, and I get to sit on the […]

Merry Xmas: Books Given & Received

Books as part of my Xmas gift-giving? Really? Oh, come on. Don’t look so surprised! Of course books are my favorite presents to give AND receive. So I thought for today, I’d show you some of what passed in and out of my hands, and my family’s hands, this holiday. What I Gave To my […]

Friday Five: Books I’m Waiting For

I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading lately, and it’s part “comfort food” and part waiting, I think. I’ve got some books on order and there are more that aren’t out yet (could some of you PLEASE write more quickly?!). So today’s five is a few books that are on their way…from a few days […]

Quiet Books: Can I hear a YES?!

Remember “edgy?” Okay, the word is still here. And I like it–I like edgy books. I admire the strength these authors put into their words, the sharp and almost painful voice with which their narrators tell their stories, and the power that pulls me in and keeps me turning the page, at times faster than […]

Just for Fun: Winter Reading

Hey, all–it’s only Thursday, but for some reason it’s feeling like Friday! We’re having our first cloudy, drippy day in weeks (sorry, all you Nor’easters!), and I’m actually wearing long sleeves. The warm, sunny weather has been great, but it’s boding not well for our summer water supply, so I’m actually pretty happy to have […]

To Worry or Write? That’s the Question

It seems like, for the past few weeks, I keep running across articles of doom and gloom. Now I know. I get it. The economy stinks. And it’s hitting everybody, no question. Including publishing. Realistically, this is going to impact us as writers. And, realistically, I–for one–am capable of breaking into a cold sweat and […]