Friday Five: Finding My Way Back into My Story

Today, with a gift of two free writing days (husband and son are off for an end-of-summer backpacking trip), I’m opening up my WIP and digging back in. Feels wonderful. Here’s what I’ll be doing: 1. Writing OUTSIDE the house. I’m heading over to the coffeehouse where I’ll be away from laundry and the kitchen […]

Plotting the Middle–One Attempt to Find a System

I don’t know about you, but my brain does strange things in the early stages of thinking about a novel. Many of those things are strange in a¬†good way. Others, not so much. Lately, as I spend time with my current WIP, I’ll be immersed in some wonderful, creative brainstorming about my hero or another […]

Thinking Time

For the WIP I’m “writing” these days, I’m following a different path than I’m used to. And this new path involves an awful lot of non-writing. Also called thinking. My husband, just this morning says that 90% of writing is actually thinking. Now granted, he’s a design engineer, but he does do a lot of […]