Plotting the Middle–One Attempt to Find a System

I don’t know about you, but my brain does strange things in the early stages of thinking about a novel. Many of those things are strange in a¬†good way. Others, not so much. Lately, as I spend time with my current WIP, I’ll be immersed in some wonderful, creative brainstorming about my hero or another […]

Beginnings, Middles, & Ends–What Goes Where?

Friday, I had a pretty productive day. I sat down and did some thinking about some new scenes in my WIP, and I ended up with a basic plot arc–styled after Martha Alderson’s Plot Planner in Blockbuster Plots-Pure and Simple. I took a photo and posted it on my other blog, if you want to […]

Making it through the Middle

Saturday was November 15th. For NaNo writers, that’s halfway through. I’ve been following people’s journeys on blogs and Facebook, and some people are already finished with their word-count goal (yay!), others are still working hard to get there (yay, again!) Theoretically, a lot of NaNo-ers are somewhere around the middle of their novels. The MIDDLE. […]