Seriously, It’s Only Tuesday?

So, I know it’s only been four days since Friday, but those days seem to have been packed with, oh…just a lot of busyness, mixed in with a droplet or two of potential chaosity. So I’m taking a few minutes tonight to post a quick blog, reminding myself (okay, and you!) of the things that have been both grounding and happy-making.

1. Taking my first meditation class on Sunday. I’ve been hesitating and procrastinating and delaying and self-distracting, because of all the reasons in my mind-list that the class might not go well. Yeah. Duh. It was wonderful. Not that my knees didn’t ache or my feet didn’t fall asleep or I didn’t do plenty of shifting around on my bolster, but I really liked the teacher’s approach, and I enjoyed and was interested in the mindfulness talk she gave afterward. Next week’s class is already on my calendar.

2. Spending time with my WIP. Over the weekend, I sent off a very messy 1st draft of a picture-book to my critique group, then I stepped back into the world of my MG story. Looked at my plot arc, thought about the critique I got at a recent SCBWI conference, and had one of those THAT-won’t-work moments. I. Did. Not. Freak. Out. Instead, I opened up a brainstorming file, pushed myself past some of the more boring ideas, got into a discussion with my son about the best sequence of whining versus action (in the WIP, NOT in our lives!), and started resequencing some of the stuff in the plot planner. And, all the time, I got to watch my MC getting potentially¬† more interesting and, very possibly, more middle-grade.

3. Checking on a friend who could have been very not-okay and verified, with my own eyes, that she was truly, yay, okay.

4. Starting Syren, Book 5 in the Septimus Heap series.

5. Doing the occasional online crossword puzzle and listening to the triumphant blast of mini-trumpets when I complete it.

6. Wearing shorts and sandals during the day. Sleeping with the windows open during the night.

7. Remembering that most, if not all, problems can be addressed and modified, if not always solved. And remembering that family and friends are a big part of figuring out how to do it.

How’s your week going. What has made you smile in the past few days or, at least, settle into a place of calm?


  1. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    Ah so lovely to hear your upbeat report. I should blog once in a while. Life feels great for me right now. Some fabulous school visits. Gardening and green green yard. And I am going to Niagara Writer Retreat. Doing some research along the way. Thrilled.


    • beckylevine says:

      These all sound like wonderful spring things! Glad it’s going so well–have a great research and writing trip!


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