Five Things I Learned at Work this Week

Okay, honestly, two weeks–my first two weeks on the new development/grant-writing job.

  1. When you’re “of a certain age,” the best desk chair is the one that makes you sit up straight.
  2. Budgeting can actually be fun, when you’ve got a workshop teacher who sees said budgets as “telling a story.”
  3. A seven-minute commute is just as stupendously fantastic as you predicted it would be.
  4. Your teenage son can (totally and easily) survive fewer hours of your scintillating presence than he is used to being tortured graced with.
  5. New [people, places, tasks: take your pick!] shake up and wake up your brain.

Here’s to change–the good kind, anyway!


  1. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    You almost convinced me on the budget thing. However, it’s a story I prefer to let others tell.

    Thanks for the light-hearted post. I need to learn to blog so shortly and sweetly!


    • beckylevine says:

      Boy, is it something I need to learn, too. The Friday Fives seem to be the only way I can get there!


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