Monday Map

Okay, I’m trying something new. (AKA: something that may show up this one time and never appear again, so don’t get your hopes up.) Early last week, I posted about my writing plan–what I was going to achieve with my fiction.

Guess what?

It worked. Pretty much. I didn’t get started on the antagonist, but I did finish up the secondary characters. And, seriously, I did it because I’d said I would. Here. Publicly.

So, I’m going to play with this for a while. I’m going to put up a quick post each Monday, mapping out my fiction goal(s) for the week.

I’m just doing a fiction goal, because–as I’ve said before–the other stuff all gets done. At least, that’s how it seems to work for me.  And, no, I don’t expect any of you, or the Internet in general, to be my accountability, but there is something about stating a goal–a manageable goal–that reminds me of its importance, and its doability.

So, this week’s goal:

  • Work through Donald Maass’ worksheet on the antagonist, in Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. Yes, I’m giving myself the whole week on this one, because the big problem with my antagonist (who happens to be my MC’s mom) is that she is not a problem. Or not the right kind. She’s kind of bitchy and whiny, and hyper-reactive, but she doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t create obstacles, she doesn’t move along her own path to conflict with Caro’s, and she doesn’t have any depth. So I need this week. Boy, do I need this week.

Feel free to leave your writing goal for the week in a comment. Or if you’d rather do your own Monday Map post, why not share the link? Motivation is contagious, right?

Have a wonderful, productive writing week.


  1. I think this is a great idea! Your dedication to following Maas’s book is making me think I need to use it more than I have. Except it is home in NC and I am in KY. Instead, my Monday goal is to finish my blog for you. So far, looking good!


  2. beckylevine says:

    That dedication is rooted in desperation, Carol–at the mess I’ve felt like my WIP is in. 🙂 I like your Monday goal!


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