Knit-thinking is what I’m calling my writing sessions during which I use yarn to get me away from my actual computer, making brain-room for actually brainstorming ideas about whatever isn’t working in a WIP. For years, I’ve heard other writers talk about the activities they do to clear their head so their minds can wander […]

Revision Progress

In January, I wrote a review of Jeannine Atkins’ Views from a Window Seat and talked about how motivated I was to turn back toward my picture book revisions. I was so inspired from reading about Jeannine’s focus on sitting with a story, with its characters and its words, all at different stages but always […]

Compressed Time

Sometimes, I think getting older is really all about remembering, or re-learning, things I’ve already known. Years ago, I played tennis on my high-school team. The first year I did it, life became a bit crazy. I’d always been (and still am, in many ways) someone who prefers lots of open time in her days, […]

Monday Map

Okay, I’m trying something new. (AKA: something that may show up this one time and never appear again, so don’t get your hopes up.) Early last week, I posted about my writing plan–what I was going to achieve with my fiction. Guess what? It worked. Pretty much. I didn’t get started on the antagonist, but […]

Comfort? Here? No way!

This morning, on Facebook, Jeannine Atkins posted a quote by someone named Josh Simpson. The quote was: “It’s important for an artist to find his comfort level—and stay out of it.” I laughed out loud. Why? Because I had just said to my husband that this morning, I was going to spend an hour with […]


I just finished reading The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, by Jeanne Birdsall. I love all the Penderwick books–they take me back to reading Edward Eager’s books and Mary Nash’s Mrs. Coverlet books when I was young. They also make me think of Elizabeth Enright’s books, which I didn’t find until I was in my forties […]

That Stupid Thing Called Fear

I always think I’m pretty good about the fear thing. I do pretty well at working on my projects, facing the fear that they may never “make it,” tucking that away into the little box where it belongs, where it won’t get in the way of the actual writing. I do pretty well, too, working […]

Pacing: Some Thoughts from Me and a Few Others

Pacing. I haven’t talked a lot about it here, because, well…it’s hard. Pacing feels a lot like voice to me: I can recognize (and love) strong pacing when I see it, and I sure as heck know when the pacing is off. But how to achieve the strong and avoid the weak? That gets a […]

Summer Writing

Well, we’re not even a week into summer vacation, and I can already feel the shift in patterns–the patterns of the day and the patterns of my writing. Things are slowing down, which is wonderful, but which I also have to remind myself to roll with–let my brain unwind along with the schedule. We’re not […]


I talk often to other writers about plotting. And not-plotting. And how much we do. And whether it’s an outline or a chart. And so on and so on… If you read my blog at all, this probably isn’t news to you, but I’ll put it out here anyway. Hi, I’m Becky, and I’m a […]