Happy Thanksgiving–Pat Yourself on the Back

Earlier this week, I talked about the break I was giving myself by getting some files off early to my critique group. While I was writing the post, I wasthinking about all you NaNoers. First, for all of you who have made your word count already or can see that number within range, CONGRATULATIONS! 

Specifically, though, I was thinking about the NaNoers who weren’t quite there, who were probably NOT giving themselves a break, not yet, and who may have been panicking a bit about non-writing hours eaten up 🙂 by the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

And I was thinking about any of us writers, even those not doing NaNo, who are looking at the end of the year heading rapidly toward us and thinking, “I was supposed to get more done.”

I know that feeling. I can bring it into the forefront of my mind any day, any hour. All it takes is looking at my writing path from a certain angle, one that somehow show right up front the goals I haven’t met, the books I haven’t written.

Let’s face it. This is an unhealthy angle. Goals and dreams are wonderful and necessary, and we should all use them as motivators. We should not use them as punishment. 

So tomorrow, and for however many days you’re surrounding yourself with family, friends, and food, be thankful. Not just for the company you’re keeping, but for all the words you have managed to put on the page so far this month, or this year. Remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished, and let go of worrying about the ones you haven’t.

Relax and recharge. The dreams will be waiting for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!


  1. Terri Thayer says:

    Nice –
    hey it’s hard to type while patting yourself on the back.


  2. beckylevine says:

    If you’d trained your elbows better… :)! You deserve the pats!


  3. Gottawrite Girl says:

    Lovely post, Becky. I definitely end up using my failures as punishment, and need reminders like this to take myself (and life) much more lightly than I do.


  4. beckylevine says:

    Gottawrite Girl.

    Failures is such a dark word. Mostly, I think, we do learn stuff from them, as bad as NOT getting somewhere can feel. Have a Happy, Relaxing T’giving!


  5. Andra M. says:

    Sorry, I was too busy eating cheese cake to even consider punishing myself with what I didn’t do.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. beckylevine says:

    Good for you. Was it pumpkin cheesecake? 🙂


  7. Carol says:

    Point well taken. Hope you had a great day and took your own advice. It was worth taking.


  8. beckylevine says:

    Carol, I did take my own advice (and I don’t always!) Relaxing and telling myself how good I’m doing–getting charged up to do more in December. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


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