Peace & Quiet, Plus Family, Food, and D & D

Peace & Quiet, Plus Family, Food, and D & D

Just got back from a few lovely days of vacation, in one of the most restful places I’ve been. We traveled North to Oregon and stopped about an hour from Bend, outside the little town of Sisters. We picked up our son on the way and met up with my siblings and their families, plus […]

I Don’t Know…Ten Whole Dollars?

Death Valley looked like this. And it looked like this. My writing station. Yes, that’s a fire extinguisher in the corner. We took a 1987 water-cooled Vanagon to Death Valley; you think we wouldn’t bring a fire extinguisher? Anyway, for the two mornings we were there, my husband and I split off for Writing time. […]

I’m Off!

This’ll be me tomorrow morning—bright, early, and probably surprisingly chipper! We kind of go down, over & up, then down again (if you’re looking down at the map, that is!), with lots of layovers, so we probably won’t get to Illinois much faster than if we WERE in this little plane. But we’ve got books, […]