Merry Xmas: Books Given & Received

Books as part of my Xmas gift-giving? Really? Oh, come on. Don’t look so surprised! Of course books are my favorite presents to give AND receive. So I thought for today, I’d show you some of what passed in and out of my hands, and my family’s hands, this holiday. What I Gave To my […]

Friday Five: Restart

Yesterday was a catch-up day. My to-do list had gotten pretty long while we were out of commission, so I plugged myself in at my desk and slogged through, checking things off and moving on. Felt good. I have dipped a toe back into my writing & reading, too. Just a bit. And today felt […]

Writing Lessons from Tiffany Aching

Okay, Tiffany Aching isn’t Steven Tyler. But if we’re learning anything from Jo Knowles’ “unintentional blog series” about Tyler, it’s that writing advice comes where you find it. And, probably, most people would agree that Terry Pratchett would be right up there with authors we could all learn from. BTW, if you didn’t know who […]

Author Appreciation Week: Terry Pratchett

If you go to the bookstore and ask for directions to the Terry Pratchett books, you’re likely to be sent to at least two, of not more, sections. Some will be in the science-fiction/fantasy world, some will be on the new-book shelves, and some will definitely be in the YA section. Which means that, when […]

Reinstituted: Summer Reading

It’s official. I will be adding in specific time this summer for reading. Not just reading, but…yes, I”ll say it: PLEASURE reading! The last few days have been pretty jitter-buggy around here, with my writing on hold for fun family stuff. It was hard at first, but then I really saw that I’ve been applying […]