An Experiment: Twitterless September

A while ago, Debbi Michiko Florence blogged about Online Time Management. Her post got me thinking, and I decided it was time to get rid of my GoodReads account. It also started me wondering about what I really need and enjoy about social media, and I made one more decision. I’m going Twitterless in September. […]

Social Media: Cleaning House

Last week, Debbi Michiko Florence blogged about online time management, how to find the balance with keeping up/keeping in touch and, yes, well…overdoing it. This discussion comes up a lot, but I think Debbi hit on one of the important points–how it feels when we find ourselves doing what we “should” versus what we want. […]

How I Use Facebook and Twitter…Differently

I’m sure this isn’t news to anybody, but I social-network. (Do you like the way I just turned that into a verb?!) I read blogs, post my own, play on Facebook & Twitter. I justify that I’m doing this because it’s good marketing for my book and a good way to keep up with what’s […]