More Work on Understanding Scene Structure

This week, I’m hoping to get through some chapters of Save the Cat. I just barely started on the structure section, where he shows the basic outline he uses and starts explaining both sections. So far, the things he says are making little bells chime in my plot brain, which is good. I managed to […]

Friday Five: Pokes to the Imagination

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks. Husband is recovering well from his bike crash, and life is starting to return to normal. But with extra driving and not always getting enough sleep, the productive hours of my days have been a bit chopped up. Today, I’m at home with several uninterrupted hours for work, […]

Backstory: How Robin Brande’s DOGGIRL Got Me Thinking

I’ve talked plenty about backstory here, including this recent post. The thing to remember is that, while we don’t want to put a ton of unnecessary backstory in our manuscripts, we still need to know and understand what that backstory is. Especially the backstory for our heroes. Backstory in my YA historical has been a […]

Saturday Six: Books on the Way

You know how, every now & then, you look around and you have nothing to read. Yes, I know, even in a house with shelves lining all the walls, shelves that are definitely fully stocked. It happens. And then there’s the flip side, when there are dozens of books you want to read, and–suddenly–life happens, […]