Prose: What I’ve Been Reading

Believe me, I get that prose–without plot, without characters, without setting and dialogue–isn’t enough. I’ve read enough books and manuscripts where the words flow pretty darned well, but everything underneath those words is thin–right. No scaffolding, no story. But…I am also a sucker for beautiful prose, for the phrase or sentence that just nails it, […]

Friday Five: Giveaway Winner & Other Random Stuff

1. And the winner of my Random Acts of Publicity contest is… Mike Jung! Which is more than fitting because Mike is the one who reminded me about the RAP, AND because Son pulled Mike’s name out of the hat bowl last night, which pretty much proves that the BOOV are out there & taking […]

Random Acts of Publicity: Steve Kluger’s MY MOST EXCELLENT YEAR

Mike Jung reminded me that today is Day 1 of the third annual Random Acts of Publicity, started by DarcyPattison as a fun way to promote friends and favorite books. Mike’s running a contest to win THREE books by Julian Hector. You may go enter Mike’s contest, although if you can do so WITHOUT beating […]

Friday Favorites with Debbi Michiko Florence

Check out Debbi Michiko Florence’s Friday Favorites post today, and find out why I love this book: