Open Letter to Anyone Writing a Research Book Just for Me

This post is dedicated to my sister Jenny, the history teacher, who is stunned to find me reading history after all these years and who, I fear, grits her teeth and bites back words every time I reject or whine about a book. Love you, Jen! Dear History Writer: I’m back on the research trail, […]

Historical Fiction: The History Part

I think I’ve told the story here of how I started writing historical fiction. I was reading a nonfiction book about the 1913 Suffrage March in Washington, D.C. I read a scene about the march and knew, instantly, that I wanted to write a hero who was part of that scene. Of course, that turned […]

Thoughts on History and Historical Fiction

So many times, as I sit down with a history book these days, one I’m reading for WIP research, I get this mixed feeling of… Wow, things were really different back then. Wow, has anything changed? Okay, maybe this is because I’m reading a lot about things like women’s roles in society, working women getting […]

Fast Friday Five: A Long Time Ago, in a Chicago Far, Far Away

I wasn’t going to post a Friday Five, but I’m reading some fun ones around the blogosphere & feeling JUST a bit left out! So…five fun facts I learned during research and writing this week. Step back with me, if you will, to 1913 Chicago. It’s a cold, windy year, even for that city, so […]

Five Historic Tidbits on a Friday

Been deep in lovely research all week. Here are a few things I’ve learned about being an immigrant on your way to Chicago in the early twentieth century You might not make it. The Immigrants’ Protective League kept stats on how many girls were supposedly put on a train to Chicago, from their port of […]