Characters: When Do You Listen & When Do You Give a Little Push?

I’ve got this protagonist. Well, actually, I don’t yet. She’s a good kid, she’s trying to be active, and, overall, I think she’s a likeable hero. The thing is, she isn’t coming onto the page–YET!–as I want her to. She’s a little young. And a little naive. Which might be okay, if I were writing […]

Dear Character: With a Bow to Janni Simner*

*Janni Simner talks to her characters a lot. I’m pretty sure they talk back. Anyway, if you haven’t eavesdropped on the conversations yet, check out her blog Desert Dispatches. And if you want to read my total theft of her posts and technique, read on. Dear Character Who Told Me You Had this REALLY BIG […]

First Draft: Peopling the World or Who ARE These Characters?

WARNING: You’ll be getting a lot of posts about first drafts in the next few months. But don’t worry, those revision posts will be coming along after that! My friend Jana McBurney-Lin talks about a character in her book My Half of the Sky who came out of nowhere. I think, if I remember right, it’s […]

Valentine’s Day: Why I Love My Main Character

I got back into writing a new scene for my WIP this week, and fell in love all over again with my MC. For a quick, semi-random Valentine’s Day post, here’s why: 1. She is totally antsy. If she isn’t doing something, she’s not happy–she gets impatient and frustrated and just starts looking for something to dig […]

Conflict AND Connection

Here’s what I worked on this afternoon. Okay, well, I filled it in, too. Earlier this week, Jenn Hubbard blogged here about reading actor Jeff Griggs’ book Guru. You should read Jenn’s post to see all she got out of the book, but the thing that stuck with me was her realization that our characters need to […]

I’m a Wimp. Who’s Going to Grow a Spine.

The last few days have been traumatic ones for my WIP, my characters, and me. I’ve been whining (or whinging!) about it on Twitter & FB, and today it’s going to stop. Not the trauma. But definitely the whining. After this explanation. It’s not that I don’t want to do the work when I write. […]

Scenes: Writing in Sequence or…Not

I’m getting started on another WIP (work in progress). It’s a historical YA, set in Chicago in 1913, just before the suffragette march on Washington, D.C. I’ve been reading and researchng and mulling for a while now, and I’ve even done a bit of basic plot and character work. And I’m thinking about writing. The […]