Querying: What It’s All About (At Least for Me)

Querying: What It’s All About (At Least for Me)

Even before January, I knew what my word for 2022 would be. In the midst of all the chaos, anxiety, and uncertainty of the past two years, writing has been the eye of my personal hurricane. I know, for many writers, the pandemic and their own experiences with it have made writing hard, if not […]

Monday Musings: In the Self-Publishing World, How Do We Identify “Ready”?

There’s so much talk going on around the blogosphere about e-books and self-publishing and the changes that are here and the changes that are coming that…well, it feels a bit overwhelming to even try and jump into the conversation. Then again, all that talk does get me/us thinking, and it’s a conversation that does need […]

Somebody Else Says: Colette Vella

This is a fascinating article on agents and editors and the whole publishing-relationship world.  Thanks to Jessica Faust for the link. http://www.meanjin.com.au/editions/volume-68-number-2-2009/article/the-changing-face-of-publishing-relationships/

Agent or No Agent: My Two Cents

A few weeks ago, Shawna at Just Another Day in the Life gave me the Honest Scrap reward for my blog. I still need to pass this award on to seven other bloggers, which I am going to do soon, with pleasure. But I thought of the reward today, as I was coming up with an […]